How to buy a refurbished iPhone

iPhones are renowned for their quality and elegance but are mostly expensive. As such, not many people can afford new iPhones. However, there are refurbished iPhones that cost lesser and are more affordable. It is important, nevertheless, to know that buying secondhand iPhones is associated with lots of dangers. You have to be sure that you are investing in a good and safe iPhone.

If you are looking to buy a refurbished iPhone, one of the stores you should consider patronizing is Teleoutlet. However, you should first read reviews on NorskeAnmeldelser as left by other people that have bought refurbished iPhone from the store. This will help you to know the chances of having problems with the phone after buying or not. Here are tips for buying refurbished iPhones:

Ask for an original proof of purchase

If there is no original proof of purchase provided, there is the possibility that the iPhone wasn’t gotten legitimately. No matter the place the seller got it from, the phone should be accompanied by a receipt even if it’s a soft copy. Documentation helps you to deal with warranty claims when they come up and also determines the genuineness of the seller. Another way to be sure that the phone wasn’t stolen is to check the IMEI number. If it’s stolen, the phone will be locked and your SIM card won’t be able to work in it. Double-check the IMEI on a reputable site to know if it has been reported before.

Check the seller’s terms of service

It is important to be conversant with the terms of services the seller offers before you buy the iPhone. For instance, you are more protected if a seller offers a return policy. As such if you have issues with the phone within the period the seller stipulates, you can return the phone and get your money or get another one. However, this type of policy depends on the level of the seller. Only established sellers with big brands mostly have return policy; private sellers don’t offer such as no laws are guiding secondhand purchases.

Check the phone

To be on the safe side, it is advised you buy the iPhone in person instead of having it delivered to you. You’ll be able to put the phone on and check if it works well. Ask the seller to charge the phone before meeting with you. You can put your SIM card inside the phone to check if you can make and receive calls with it. Also, you want to check if there’s no iCloud account on the phone as it is difficult to remove. If there is, ask the seller to remove it. If they refuse, you have to rethink your decision.

Meet the seller in a safe place

One way to determine if the seller is trustworthy is if they agree to meet you. If they refuse to meet you face-to-face, they are likely trying to scam or hurt you. If they agree to meet with you, be the one to determine the venue for the meeting. You could meet them in a restaurant, coffee shop, or any secured location. Also, go with a friend or a family member. It is risky going out of your home to do such transactions with someone you’ve probably never met.